Máscara Playa De Los Lagos

Gráficas -E.9

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Máscara Playa De Los Lagos. Hecho del Océano Atlántico y los acantilados de Gran Canaria. El Cotillo Fuerteventura.Playa De Los Lagos

Gráficas -E.9 Playa De Los Lagos I
Playa De Los Lagos El Cotillo Fuerteventura
Gráficas -E.9 “Playa De Los Lagos III”

La serie “Máscara” está inspirada en la tarjeta de Rorschach, que es una prueba psicológica para mirar en el subconsciente de la mente humana.

Gráficas -E.9 “Playa De Los Lagos IV”

Intenta de entender sus características personales y emociones.

Gráficas -E.9 “Playa De Los Lagos II”

Latín “Masca” significa bruja o fantasma.

Gráficas firmadas y Certificado.

Producción realizada por el artista o bajo su supervisión. Cada obra se crea individualmente.

The way to Tarsartico

Take through the highway at the east cost to the southwestern part of Gran Canaria, then between Puerto de Mogán in the south and Puerto de La Aldea in the west, you have Tarsartico.

Firstly you take the country road from Puerto de Mogán to the main city Mogán and then further frew up with mountain driving.

This is by winding roads where you pass small villages viewpoints and amazing cliffs. It is a beautiful and fun trip. One of the good places to stop is Los Azulejos De Veneguera (Rainbow Rock).

In the town of Tarsartico, you have to continue on a dirt road for approximately 5 km to the beach of Tarsartico, where my work is photographed for this series.

The beach is very stony with large black stones and rocks in dark natural colors. At high tide, the waves hit hard to the cliffs and the water spray far up the beach and make a violent noise.

Between the rocks, arise at high tide, there are small lakes with small fish and a life of color.

At Tarsartico beach is Blue Ocean Camp.

At Blue Ocean Camp the Internet and mobile networks do not exist. The place brings people together, with dinning, games and stories. It creates new friendships with people from countries you have never visited.

If you choose to stay here for a few days, you must prepare to have to take a trip of approx. 12 km to call your loved ones. It is a good social experience to live here in the open nature with a starry sky, cicadas and goat bells at night.

Mírate a ti mismo, desde el otro lado de la Máscara.

El Cotillo, Fuerteventura