Enric Mads

Enric Mads Portrait
Enric Mads

“I’m Enric Mads, a photographer and graphic designer with years of experience in the field of photography -landscape, portraits, editorial, video, still life and life style. I had worked as a photographer and graphics with promotion campaigns for companies as an independent entrepreneur. 

I am born and raised in Denmark. At the moment I live in Copenhagen.

I want to follow my dream. A dream I have had since I started photographing.

I want to show landscape photography in a new way. Make it more vivid and direct an interest to go deeper into a photographed scenario. Not only a few second -of an eye.

In my works I want to lead people to look at the nature and through my compositions I express my admiration of the beauty in the nature that is arounds us and hope that we learn to take care. I photographing landscapes during my travels, mostly in Europe.

“I welcome you to join me, and see the world with my eyes.”