Enric Mads

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I am Enric Mads, a working artist in photography. Graphic designer and years of working experience in photography and advertising.

I was born – raised and live in Denmark.

Enric Mads Lanzarote 2022

“I welcome you to join me in my work, and see a world of extraordinary beauty and mystery.”

I work with photography in a new way. Not just a few seconds – of an eye.

I see my photography compositions not only as representations of the beauty of Earth’s landscapes and formations. I think them also as tools that invite me and other observers to introspect and discover self consciousness. 

I have the inspiration from the Rorschach inkblot test card.

I see the effect of my work in a way as a projection mask in which the observer can see a mirror of imagination and the sub-contents in the mind.

I welcome you to join me in my work and see a world of extraordinary beauty. And to observe the mystery of how your brain will manipulate you.