Enric Mads


Lanzarote 2022

I am Enric Mads, an artist in photography. Years of working experience in photography and advertising, and now full-time working on different projects which had disturbed my mind for years. I was born – raised and have an address and company in Denmark.

Enric Mads is registered as a company in Denmark/Europe for activities, creation and sale or buy of art.

Enric Mads/Co Henrik Vistoft – DK – Cvr.20929073. 

With my exhibition Máscara, (inspired by the Rorschach cards) Here I am an observer of the mystery, how our brain will be distracted and in a way manipulate us when we see something that does not have any realizable ground.

It’s so simple to change our perspective of seeing. Take a picture with a camera -make a copy in the computer -flip it vertically and stick them both together.

Herman Rorschach did that in 1921 by making 10 cards with a reflective picture. He projected these cards to people and asked simple questions about what they saw.

Then noted the answers and reaction. From this analysis he could get a view into people’s subconscious. And make a diagnosis for a posible treatment.

I welcome you to join me in a world of extraordinary mystery and beauty.