Buy a photograph?

Are you interested in buying a photograph? Please contact one of the dealers below, which is close to your living.


Galleri X. Penehave, 18, 2960 Rungsted. T. 4042 3898

Galleri Brabrand. Jægersborg Allé 11, 2920 Charlottenlund. T. 2511 2655

Villy Andersen. Ahlgade 44, 4300 Holbaek. T. 5943 0088

F. Linck, Glas, Kunst og Indramning. Vennemindevej 74, 2100 Kbh Ø. T. 4046 8888

All Photographs are made by handcraft. 

Buy a Photograph

Limited edition of 9. The photograph can be made in the desired size. Price €200 – €350. Depending on the desired size.

Artist Proof with Royalty right® On each Photograph release there is a signed Artist Proof with is the creators accept of the colors and paper for the Limited Edition prints. This Artist Proofs is made available for sale. Price from 1250 – 1450€. (Depending on original size).

Photographs are sent within 1 week.

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