Inspired by Rorschach

Inspiración de Rorschach

The “Máscara” series is inspired by Herman Rorschach's 10 cards, which is a psychological test to look into the subconscious of the human mind. 

Observe the mystery of how your brain manipulates you.

El Aljibe de Haría. Lanzarote.

An exhibition by Enric Mads

The exhibition hall “El Aljibe de Haría” is located in the town of Haría. The Gallery is in an old cistern that was formerly used to capture and store water for the city in times when water was a scarce commodity.

Now it houses temporary exhibitions of art. Access to the room is down a staircase under the city.

The old cistern is about 200m2 and organized around a floor-length glass skylight that provides natural light and ventilation to the room. The flooring is made of wood and basalt stone edges, which provides not only aesthetic beauty but also aeration of the floor.

“Máscara” Un viaje a tu interior. Sala de Exposiciones el Aljibe de Haría

Thanks for your visit. I hope it was pleasant and you had a good experience. Sincerely. Enric Mads