I am Enric Mads

I am Enric Mads. Portrait

Mi exposiciónes de “Máscara”

Abstract art Seeking order in chaos

What connects artists of all ages and styles from the very beginnings of art is geometry.  It is an established measure in the eye of every human being, allowing to perceive relations and proportions.  Man-made geometry introduces order in order. 

With my exhibition Máscara "Máscara" Here I am an observer of the mystery, of how our brain will be distracted and in a way manipulate us when we see something that does not have any realizable ground.

In this way, in 1921, Herman Rorschach prepared the 10 cards with a reflection image. He showed the cards and asked them simple questions about what they saw.

The 10 Cards

I invite you to join me in the world of extraordinary beauties. -Lands of new perspectives in photography. -A look into your own mind and understanding how easily the brain can be manipulated.

Enric Mads/Co Henrik Vistoft – DK – Cvr.20929073